What is the composition of Liposomes​

Liposomes entrap active ingredient in the core with a bilayer composed of natural or synthetic lipids, which can be derived from phospholipids with mixed lipid chains (e.g., egg phosphatidylethanolamine), surfactants (Dioleoyl-phosphatidylethanolamine) or others etc. The phospholipid bilayers originated from natural sources are generally biologically inert, immunogenic and exhibit a lower inherent toxicity.

Forms of Liposomal Products​

Both liquid and powder form of liposomal products are available in the market. Traditionally, it is believed that liquid form delivers better result of liposome, as most powder form of liposomal is transformed into dry powder by freeze dry or spray dry method. These methods may disrupt the structure of liposome. However, production method has evolved in recent years with technological advancement, a unique production method has been developed to produce powder form of liposomal:

Using no heat, high pressure, and chemicals – this helps maintaining the bioavailability of the active ingredientUse of no freeze dry or spray dry process – this helps keep the structure of liposome intact